Nude your Food

Nude Foods, a small, plastic-free grocery store, wanted to spread their zero-waste message. So, to highlight the absurdity of single-use plastic packaging, we did something even more pointless: dressed fruit & veg in single-use plastic couture, a tactic that bolstered reach and sales on a tiny budget.

Finding the lighter side of lockdown

All Burger King stores were closed during national lockdown. So instead of triggering cravings when Burger King couldn’t trade, we launched a one-of-a-kind campaign designed to reduce cravings. By censoring food porn, the Lockdown Whopper campaign hit the spot during lockdown.

Design that teaches sign

I Love Coffee is South Africa’s first deaf-owned coffee shop. But with only 1% of South Africans being able to communicate using sign language, ordering coffee was a challenge. Our solution was to create an innovative lenticular cup sleeve that teaches you how to order your favourite coffee in sign.

Stimorol re-ignites the gum category

Stimorol is SA’s leading gum brand, but the category is in decline. To get GenZ chewing, we created a “story-doing platform”. Flow.Lab was a series of masterclasses and studio sessions created to empower GenZ music makers and to reach music makers. The campaign leaned into culture in a relevant way, sparking immediate category growth and […]

Klipdrift finds gold in purpose

Klipdrift is an iconic South African brandy that is all about “Gold Between Friends”. But how do we tell new stories for a legendary storytelling brand? For this campaign, we hunted for friendships formed around a higher purpose. “Friends with Purpose” is a series of real-life documentary films that feature remarkable stories about exceptional friendships.

Oreo slam-dunks a lockdown charmer

The world’s most famous cookie is all about bringing playfulness into our lives. During lockdown, many people were having a hard time, stuck at home with the kids, often glued to Zoom calls. This charming commercial was designed to remind people to re-connect through play, prompted by the “twist, link and dunk” that made Oreo […]

SA Whisky breaks all the rules

Whisky is generally made in the Northern Hemisphere, a world of babbling brooks, creaky distilleries and cold weather. Three Ships Whisky is an award-winning South African Whisky that has always done things differently – harnessing the warmth of the sun to accelerate maturation and deliver an exceptionally smooth finish. This campaign explored the magnetic power […]

Same name. Different people.

No two people are the same. So why should their personal cover be? To launch Old Mutual’s new customisable insurance offering, we met a whole bunch of people who shared a name – but not much else. 3 764 Sams and one rather inconvenient global pandemic later, we launched with a multi-coloured, toe-tapping bang. Not […]

Who’s who in your squad

In the ‘Glow Up On Your Way Up’ TV commercial, Bernini introduces us to a fabulous squad – and shows how each member has played a special role in the lead character’s path to success. In this ode to the squad, we thank the women who always stand by us, and raise a glass of […]

An exceptionally balanced whisky

To celebrate the unveiling of the exceptionally balanced 2020 addition to the Three Ships Whisky Master’s Collection, we held a live event that was also streamed as an online sale. The public was invited to watch as master distiller Andy Watts unveiled his latest masterpiece at the Norval Foundation and they were able to purchase […]